Access to the digital world can be a life altering event, especially to someone with limited or even no vision. 

I (Matt) know this from a personal perspective, as my father suffered from Macular Degeneration and was legally blind.  For my father, no longer being able to read was enormous and he asked for help as he relealized that he was losing his sight.

Back in the late Eighties, there was not much to do, however I did find and set up a scanner and application called JAWS for Windows, which enabled him to scan a book, magazine, or newspaper and even his mail.  What he got was a very digitalized voice that read the material in a monotone.  This wasn't great, but at the time it was absolutely amazing!

Over the years, JAWS has been updated, Microsoft and many other companies have discovered the needs of low vision computer users. 

Natively, within current versions of Microsoft Windows, there are visual aids such as high contrast screen themes, and even the ability to have the computer read what is on the screen (in pretty decent computer generated voices - yes you have choices).  If you can get by with having sections of the screen simply magnified, this is also an option.

Voice recognition has come a very long way as well, and a computer user no longer needs to be able to see the screen or keyboard in order to type or use the computer.

I would be happy to work with you and your family member or friend to set up their existing or new computer so that their lives may be enriched with the access.

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