We all want to protect our children.  They deserve the same security and protection in the on-line world, as as they do in the physical world.

Without mentioning the possible ways in which a child can be harmed from using the Internet, we would like to make you aware of some of the ways in which we can help protect your family.

We can:

  • Set up specific access times to the Internet
  • Set up specific times during which they can logon to the computer(s)
  • Block specific web sites
  • Block specific web content
  • Block or schedule chat & video chat applications
  • Set up monitoring of their computer usage with reports sent to you
  • Set up a monitor chat and email messages with transcripts sent to you

Not all of this is for everyone, and is based on what you are comfortable with.  We can help you find your comfort zone. 

We have even had discussions with teenagers regarding their use of the computer and the web.  You'd be amazed at how a teenager is willing to listen to a professional, when a parent is not around.

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