"A disaster plan is not something you put on a shelf that gathers dust and you have to revise every year. When you need it, you really need it. Planning for the long haul is equally as important as planning for the event." - Sandy Breland

Would it be a 'disaster' if your employee's computer hard drive crashed?  Possibly.

It is likely a 'disaster' if your server crashed, or you had a fire, or were burglarized. 

We offer many solutions to ensure that your data or system(s) can be recovered.

While we don't expect a disaster to occur, we must be prepared.

In todays data driven business environment, we store a multitude of critical bits of information on our computer systems.  For example:

  • Customer and supplier contact information.
  • Accounting (including documentation, returns, submissions, tax receipts...).
  • E-mail (incoming, sent and archived are all a part of your business history).
  • Proprietory business recipes that your company depends upon.
  • Documentation of your business actvities.
  • Business plans.
  • Photographs.
  • Inventory.
  • Sales history.
  • ... and many more.

Proper disaster planning for your business will include:

  • Inventory of equipment
  • Inventory of software
  • Identification of critical business systems
  • On-site replication or backup
  • Off-site replication or backup
  • Identification of readily available hardware sources
  • Duplication of software media, off-site
  • Testing of restoration procedures
  • Regular updates to your business continuation plan

A very wise man once said "A backup is only as good as the last time you tested it".  We work with you to schedule regular disaster recovery tests, to determine the efficacy and reliability of your plan, and update the plan to resolve any issues that arise.

We believe that an emergency is not the time to figure out how to recover your business assets and that by careful planning, we can transform a disaster into an interruption.

Our office is staffed Monday through Friday, 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM with 24 hour, around the clock emergency service 365 days a year to keep your business in operation.

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