Our software design and development staff is capable of building or modifying a solution for your business. 

Our on staff project managers, business analysts and developers are capable of supplying you with the software necessary to build your business.

We are experts in the complete software development life cycle, from the initial identification of needs, to business and process analysis and documentation, to system requirements documentation, to design and implementation. 

We will help identify whether your needs can be (in this order of preference) met by:
  • Current off-the-shelf software
  • Current off-the-shelf software with custom modifications
  • New custom-built software solution(s)

Should your business needs be met with current off-the-shelf software, we will identify and install it as proscribed on the target server and client workstations.

Custom modifications to off-the-shelf software to meet your business needs is most often done both on and off-site, with full participation of the business process owners.

Custom built software solutions vary from stand-alone applications, to client-server with database implementations, to web enabled applications.  

Our entire staff is on-shore and consists primarily of former Fortune 500 company staff, complete with the training, knowledge and experience required.

On-site and virtual meetings are the norm throughout the development process.

Our office is staffed Monday through Friday, 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM with 24 hour, around the clock emergency service 365 days a year to keep your business in operation.

MJJ Systems is here to service all your needs. Contact us by phone at 201.445.9669 or click here to e-mail our office manager.

. Click here or call our support hotline 201-203-4192 for remote supportt